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Tonne, ton and ton: weighing up the difference

Whether you adhere to metric or imperial measurement, it’s a must to know the difference between the tons. Here in Australia we follow the metric system, kilometres, kilograms and kilolitres, but for reasons of sentimentality we measure our own height

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Stakeholder engagement is more than getting buy-in


A lot of people confuse stakeholder engagement with stakeholder buy-in. True engagement continues long after you have tacit agreement for whatever you are pushing. It’s this constant engagement that often spells the difference between success and compromised achievements. Most people,

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Fart, fluff, toot and cheese: some interesting facts

Flatulence – we all do it. Between eight and 20 times a day according to the literature. So it’s not surprising we have so many slang expressions to describe the release of gas from the anus. Let’s kick off with

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