Michelle headshot 2This is me. Like everyone I hate my photo, but honesty is everything in communication so I’ve resisted the urge to Photoshop out the wrinkles.

Some would say they are well earned.

Like everyone I’ve been communicating for a long time, I simply choose to make a living out of it. At 17 I started my journalism cadetship (apprenticeship) and with the exception of a few stints in hospitality while waiting for comms jobs to materialise, I’ve been writing in some form or the other ever since.

Eight years ago I traded newspaper deadlines for corporate timelines, joining a communication agency in Sweden. It’s a long story but let’s just say moving to the “dark side” was an opportunity too good to miss.

Today, I’m back in Australia, enjoying the sun in tropical Far North Queensland. That’s merely a physical location though, thanks to the World Wide Web my clients are only a click away, whether in Europe, Asia or across my vast homeland.

This combination of journalistic discipline, expertise from internal, external and social roles in the corporate world, and local and international experience, is a solid platform for working with you to create communication that gets results.

My philosophy is simple: know what you really want to say, know who you want to say it to and then understand that audience so you can make your communication relevant.

Whether you have a strategic challenge, need assistance setting up operational processes, are keen to improve your skills or just want some great copy written, I’m your girl – okay the photo gives it away – I’m your woman.

If you want to know more about what I do, browse through the services pages. If you are curious about what I think, head to the blog. If you want to explore your comms needs drop me a line or give me a call.

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