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Content: it’s quality not quantity that matters

“Traditional content has flooded the Internet and is starting to feel stale. Admit it – how often do you find yourself briefly skimming an article only to move on within seconds to something new?” This intro to a recent Content

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Statistics, or lying to be credible

82 per cent of statistics are made up on the spot. Including this one. We have all heard the joke yet statistics continue to hold some kind of sway over me – and by all account more than half the

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Link text is more important than “click here”

Linking from your content is important – it builds credibility and improves useability, which combined equals more satisfied readers and hopefully return visits. Finding the right material to link to takes time and effort; effort that is wasted if no

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Shag, bonk, screw, bang and knob: some interesting facts

Before you get excited, this piece is not going to mention the F word (that’s for another post entirely). Instead, I’m dedicating the next 850 words or so to much nicer slang for the act of sexual intercourse. Shag Considering

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Write as you speak for effective communication

It doesn’t matter if you are formulating an email or producing a web page, white paper or brochure, you can’t go wrong if you write as you speak. I’m not saying you can drop the F word into a corporate

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Brainworms: can they be used for good

Brainworms. We’ve all had them. Not the parasitic kind that get into your grey matter and causes all kinds of problems, but that annoying song that just won’t leave your subconscious and pops up repeatedly throughout the day. If only

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5 meeting personalities who can hijack your agenda 

First posted February 2012 Fortunately companies these days are cutting down on internal meetings – they eat up time and therefore money. It will be some time, though, before face-to-face gatherings are a thing of the past. Until that happens,

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5 words doomed to be big in 2012

First posted February 2012 Shortly after posting 5 words to ban in 2012 a reader pulled me up short. Rather than “ban” words, she suggested, perhaps I should name five words that will be a hit. I love a challenge,

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English evolution, from rooves to roofs

Originally posted January 2012 Disclaimer: I’m not an etymologist, word historian or linguist; just a curious wordsmith with a pedantic streak and I willingness to trawl the net for a couple of hours when things bug me. This blog post

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Wedding tackle and the like – some interesting facts

First published December 2011 After  my post pooh and shite, tits and funbags, it just makes sense to tackle, well the “tackle”. Family jewels Long story short, the Etymology Dictionary Online attributes the “family” bit to a play on words

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