Brainworms: can they be used for good

Brainworms. We’ve all had them. Not the parasitic kind that get into your grey matter and causes all kinds of problems, but that annoying song that just won’t leave your subconscious and pops up repeatedly throughout the day. If only we could tap into this phenomena for good (?), not evil.

Sure advertisers have tried with jingles and branding gurus have made an attempt with tag lines. But I don’t really class corporate promotion as good.

Governments (up to you if you think they are good or evil) have had a stab with the likes of “duck and cover”, “keep calm and carry on” and in Victoria where I come from “If you drink and drive you’re a bloody idiot”.

But there must be other uses.

Personally I’d kill for a brainworm that kicked in when men use the bathroom – one that went away if the seat was left down. Similarly, an annoying auditory reminder that the office dishwasher does not magically empty itself could have a long-lasting positive impact on morale (read my sanity).

Moving from petty to profound, what about a violence-triggered brainworm that produces soothing and peaceful tunes or one that kicks in when power-sucking gadgets are left on unnecessarily?

Food for thought.

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