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Content: it’s quality not quantity that matters

“Traditional content has flooded the Internet and is starting to feel stale. Admit it – how often do you find yourself briefly skimming an article only to move on within seconds to something new?” This intro to a recent Content

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Statistics, or lying to be credible

82 per cent of statistics are made up on the spot. Including this one. We have all heard the joke yet statistics continue to hold some kind of sway over me – and by all account more than half the

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Link text is more important than “click here”

Linking from your content is important – it builds credibility and improves useability, which combined equals more satisfied readers and hopefully return visits. Finding the right material to link to takes time and effort; effort that is wasted if no

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5 words doomed to be big in 2012

First posted February 2012 Shortly after posting 5 words to ban in 2012 a reader pulled me up short. Rather than “ban” words, she suggested, perhaps I should name five words that will be a hit. I love a challenge,

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Advice for presenters: ignore all other advice

At least once a day some words of wisdom (often nicely packaged in a list) turn up in my social media streams on how to be a better presenter. My advice: ignore all other advice. This post is going to

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5 words I don’t want to hear in 2012

Originally posted December 2011 It’s the season for Words of the Year, but as regular readers know I tend to go against the trend, just because I can. So, I’m not going to extol the virtues of any particular word

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7 ways to break the content mould

Originally posted December 2011 If you were lured in by the headline I’m sorry but there isn’t a seven-part list anywhere in this post; that would hardly be a convincing argument for abandoning tried and tested formats. Writing to a

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KISS: keep it simple but not stupid

Originally posted September 2011 KISS – keep it simple, stupid, is one of those expressions that gets thrown around as the golden rule for writing. Perhaps it should be rephrased: Keep it simple, but don’t be stupid. Ok, it wouldn’t

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It’s a game (post) of two halves

Originally posted September 2011 It’s World Cup season – athletics, rugby, swimming, netball, cricket – and therefore time for one of my favourite past times: rubbishing ridiculous sports commentary. Now, before you click away from this page, I’m keeping that

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Storytelling and the inverted pyramid

Storytelling is a very powerful tool for conveying corporate messages in an engaging way: bringing simplicity to complex ideas, providing context for abstract concepts and quickly showing what’s in it for the audience. Only one problem – too many people

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