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Don’t edit out the personal touch

I yammer on a lot about being “human” in corporate communication, both online and in person. But there is no point in developing a personal tone that encourages discussion and builds credibility if it is eliminated in the editing process.

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Don’t fall victim to the next content fad

Originally posted July 2012 Wherever you turn these days, video is being touted as the answer to every communication need. Before that, Facebook was offered as the one-stop-solution, which in turn replaced the CEO blog as the be-all and end-all.

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Captions capture attention

Captions capture attention. But judging by most web sites out there, this blog included, they are grossly underutilised. I first heard of the significance of captions at a Nielsen Norman Group seminar on usability three years ago. It shocked me

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Six things to consider when writing your next list

Whether it be the “Top 5 tips for better writing”, “45 tools essential for monitoring your social media success”, or “How to spot a cheater: 10 sure fire signs your partner is unfaithful” it’s virtually impossible to get through the

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If in doubt leave it out

It might sound hackneyed but the journalistic stand-by “if in doubt leave it out” remains solid advice. While referring to fact checking in the media world (after all defamation costs dearly) corporate communicators would be wise to apply it on

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Four essentials for connecting with your online audience

“We can help you to implement and facilitate leading-edge technologies, developed through years of client engagement and lengthy market experience, to leverage synergies in your business.” It takes more than a “we” and “you” randomly thrown into a corporate text

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Where did my posts go?

It’s been a while since I have posted here (excluding Monday’s rant on slashes) and I’ve just discovered that the MichComms universe only started on 1 January 2013. Everything I have posted before then has vanished. Ironically, all my media

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Get c-suite social buy-in with a LinkedIn strategy

There are gazillion studies, reports and blogs out there on how few B2B companies are really engaging on social media. This isn’t one of them. Instead, here are a few tips on how to get your C-suite over the first

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Personal approach wins in social

Social media, and in many cases digital media, is all about personality. Who you are, and why I, as a person, consumer or influencer should care enough about what you say to interact. So why then is so much social,

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In defence of jargon

I know, I know. Considering the numerous rants in the pages of MichCommunication it’s hard to image a post in favour of jargon. But in today’s increasingly global business world it does have its place. Read on, I might convince

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