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Write as you speak for effective communication

It doesn’t matter if you are formulating an email or producing a web page, white paper or brochure, you can’t go wrong if you write as you speak. I’m not saying you can drop the F word into a corporate

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5 meeting personalities who can hijack your agenda 

First posted February 2012 Fortunately companies these days are cutting down on internal meetings – they eat up time and therefore money. It will be some time, though, before face-to-face gatherings are a thing of the past. Until that happens,

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Voice calls shouldn’t be scary

Originally published October 2011 What’s so scary about picking up the phone and actually ringing someone? Not sending an SMS or email, tweeting or updating the world via Facebook. I’m talking good old-fashioned voice communication. It wasn’t that long ago

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Advice for Big Penis: take note of the entire message

Originally posed September 2011 I’ve had a lot of email offers in the past week for “gentleman’s enlargement”, a truly delightful euphemism. And since I am a sucker, and not too security conscious, I actually opened one this morning. The

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KISS: keep it simple but not stupid

Originally posted September 2011 KISS – keep it simple, stupid, is one of those expressions that gets thrown around as the golden rule for writing. Perhaps it should be rephrased: Keep it simple, but don’t be stupid. Ok, it wouldn’t

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It’s a game (post) of two halves

Originally posted September 2011 It’s World Cup season – athletics, rugby, swimming, netball, cricket – and therefore time for one of my favourite past times: rubbishing ridiculous sports commentary. Now, before you click away from this page, I’m keeping that

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Don’t edit out the personal touch

I yammer on a lot about being “human” in corporate communication, both online and in person. But there is no point in developing a personal tone that encourages discussion and builds credibility if it is eliminated in the editing process.

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Choose your words carefully in cross-culture communication

Originally posted January 2013 I was listening intently to a very serious presentation a week or so ago when the woman sitting next to me passed a note. It took all my willpower to not burst into guffaws. Seems our

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Intranet news needs good headlines too (reposted)

Originally posted 6 November There are a gazillion articles out there about how to write great online headlines but they tend to fixate on company internets and blogging and how to attract readers through SEO. What about the humble intranet? Writing

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Why alphabet soup is so hard to swallow (reposted)

Do illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup? When this tweet from @MyLanguageCloud arrived in my stream recently I immediately climbed up on my mental soup box. I was five minutes into my tirade when I realised the

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