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Shag, bonk, screw, bang and knob: some interesting facts

Before you get excited, this piece is not going to mention the F word (that’s for another post entirely). Instead, I’m dedicating the next 850 words or so to much nicer slang for the act of sexual intercourse. Shag Considering

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English evolution, from rooves to roofs

Originally posted January 2012 Disclaimer: I’m not an etymologist, word historian or linguist; just a curious wordsmith with a pedantic streak and I willingness to trawl the net for a couple of hours when things bug me. This blog post

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Wedding tackle and the like – some interesting facts

First published December 2011 After  my post pooh and shite, tits and funbags, it just makes sense to tackle, well the “tackle”. Family jewels Long story short, the Etymology Dictionary Online attributes the “family” bit to a play on words

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Pooh, shite, tits and arse – some interesting facts

Originally posted October 2011 This blog started out as a look at etymology. Then I discovered that penis (yes, I do seem a little obsessed) only entered English in relatively recent times and before that we called the male member

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Fart, fluff, toot and cheese: some interesting facts

Flatulence – we all do it. Between eight and 20 times a day according to the literature. So it’s not surprising we have so many slang expressions to describe the release of gas from the anus. Let’s kick off with

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