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Statistics, or lying to be credible

82 per cent of statistics are made up on the spot. Including this one. We have all heard the joke yet statistics continue to hold some kind of sway over me – and by all account more than half the

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Shag, bonk, screw, bang and knob: some interesting facts

Before you get excited, this piece is not going to mention the F word (that’s for another post entirely). Instead, I’m dedicating the next 850 words or so to much nicer slang for the act of sexual intercourse. Shag Considering

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Brainworms: can they be used for good

Brainworms. We’ve all had them. Not the parasitic kind that get into your grey matter and causes all kinds of problems, but that annoying song that just won’t leave your subconscious and pops up repeatedly throughout the day. If only

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British English is dying

First posted November 2012 I’m in physical pain writing this, but its time that I came to terms with the fact that British English is a dying language. I’ve clung desperately to -our, -ise and -re endings for three decades,

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Letters vs numbers. What comes after j?

Originally posted December 2011 Spot quiz What number comes after 7? What number comes before 254,67? What letter comes after j? What letter comes before q? I’m a corporate communicator. I earn my living working with words; words made up

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You can’t negate a noun

Originally posted October 2011 I will maintain until I die, or someone proves me wrong, that the expression ”I have no bananas” is just grammatical nonsense. I’m not picking bananas in particular, but any phrase that includes ”have no” in

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I worry about a future without words

Eventually, one day, if evolution and sci-fi movies are anything to go by, we will be communicating telepathically. So there is a scenario where grandparents will be saying, sorry, I mean thinking, “You kids have it easy. In my day

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The case for smileys in formal writing

Originally posted October 2011 When I received a text message from my partner signed off with a <3 I had to trust Google to provide a translation. I’m not really up to date with smileys. The experience however got me

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Are seasons relevant?

Originally posted October 2012 Coming from the southern hemisphere where everything, weather included, is upside down I’m quite sensitive to seasons. Add to that I have spent a fair chunk of time in the tropics. As an editor I encourage

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I like moist, why don’t you?

Originally published April 2013 I like the word MOIST. So much so I’m quite happy to write it in capital letters. There’s no need for “the m word” or m***t in my world. So I’m baffled why MOIST keeps turning

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