Content: it’s quality not quantity that matters

“Traditional content has flooded the Internet and is starting to feel stale. Admit it – how often do you find yourself briefly skimming an article only to move on within seconds to something new?”

This intro to a recent Content Marketing Institute article had me nodding my head in agreement. With so much content out there, an article has to really grab my attention or my time-poor self quickly clicks onto the next bite-sized chunk of information.

And there, in part, lies the rub.

Do you want your brand associated with quantity quality?

Do you want your brand associated with quantity or quality?

Every where you turn lately is advice on how to create content to supposedly feed the public’s demand for more, more, more.

Just last week I read (sorry skimmed) a blog post that argued that instead of writing a listical of your Top 3 tips, you would be better served splitting your ideas into three separate posts. Voila, content demand filled.

In other words, we aren’t producing more, insightful content, simply taking the content we have and spreading it thinner.

I know some of you, those of you who have made it this far, will be arguing that short, sharp pieces of content is what the consumer wants, and therefore what we, as marketers, have to deliver.

I agree. There is nothing wrong with bite-sized content, providing the majority of your audience actually reads it, not just skims over the first few pars (if you’re lucky).

Unfortunately, many content producers pay too much heed to word count and fail to provide any meaningful information or insight.

Ultimately, you will be judged by the value of your content. Brands that routinely provide food for thought and ideas that are valued by the audience, will rise to the top.

Those who simply produce content conveyor-belt style will be consigned to the skim and skip pile.

After all, wouldn’t you love to visit a site, blog post or Facebook feed where you know, with almost 100% certainty, you will be rewarded with good content?

Imagine what that would mean for your brand.

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