Don’t give a slash too much space

It makes sense, well to me, that I return to this blog with a whinge – after all that’s what I’m known for.
Why, oh why, do people persist in using a space before and after a forward slash. Is it ignorance/a lack of care/a fault of the education system.
Can we assume teachers have been shirking their responsibility, flicking over the relevant page in the grammar curriculum en masse. Perhaps they simply see the poor old slash as an antiquated piece of punctuation – a left over from the pre-internet days, because let’s face it, the world wide web is where grammar goes to die.
A quick search of said inter webs fails to find a hero/heroine of the slash. There is plenty of commentary about the forward slash being a form of retronym to distinguish it from the “Johnny come lately” back slash and equal interest in the forward slash/backward slash distinction in terms of web usage.
And there are writing purists who are happy to rant about the and/or usage imploring people to rewrite their sentence preferably w/o the “and”.
All of this is fine, but please, please, please get behind my push to eliminate those extra spaces – w/e you find them.
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