I work on the principle that every assignment is different so please contact me to receive a quote based on your specific needs and circumstances.

The rates below are a guide and do not cover every service available. Please see the services pages for a complete list of what I can provide.
You can choose to pay per deliverable, by the hour, by the project or for specific time periods (half day, day or week).

Significant reductions are available for projects and on-going contracts, so consider prices listed on MichCommunication.com as the most you will pay.


By the hour:

Hour: $100
Half day (4 hours): $300
Full day (8 hours): $500
Week (40 hours): $2000

Writing, copyediting, proofing

Hour: $100
Writing: 35c a word
Editing: 25c a word
Proof reading: 5c a word


Pre-work: $100 per hour
Layout and design: $10-$40 per slide
Editing: $2-$4 per slide


One-on-one: 100 per hour
Small group (up to 12): $500 half day, $800 full day
Large group: price on application



Additional costs

Rates provided on MichCommunication.com are for my time. If required, travel and accommodation expenses, access to tools, image or video costs and licensing fees will be added to your quote.


Things happen. If you give me sufficient warning of delays or cancellations I can rebook my time and everyone is happy. In other circumstances partial payment is expected. Specific details will be negotiated before an assignment begins.


Copyright is passed to you once payment has been completed.
If an assignment is cancelled MichCommunication retains all copyright and is free to reuse material unless otherwise negotiated.


Causal assignments: payment terms are 30 days.
On-going assignments: payment to be made periodically, as negotiated.
Projects: payment to be made in instalments at project start-up, after key deliverables and on completion, as negotiated.

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