Journalists are people too. Knowing what they need is key to a strong media relationship. Supporting journalists with ideas, contacts, information and background makes them more likely to support you when you have a message to get out. With a solid approach taking in reporters, bloggers and influencers you can boost your share of voice while minimising bad publicity.


Press releases

Press releases remain the backbone of your media (new and old) relationships. As a former journalist and chief-of-staff I have read more than my share of pressers so know what will get your release into the hands of a journalist or blogger rather than in the bin.

My press release writing service can be combined with media engagement activities such as pitching and follow-up with specific outlets.

Writing: 35c per word
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Media engagement

As the name suggests this is all about building relationships with journalists by identifying their needs and how to support them.

In practice it involves keeping up to date with what your target journalists, bloggers and industry influencers are talking about along with industry trends, reports and other information sources, as the basis for meaningful and timely dialogue.

When it comes to sending out messages, this knowledge is the basis for a pitch that entices the journo to pick up the phone.

This service can be offered in connection to a specific press release or activity, such as an event or product launch, or as a longer-term assignment.

Rate on application



The saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity. This is only true when you manage bad publicity well. I can support you to develop processes for dealing with negative publicity and train your spokespeople, or step in to manage your response if an event occurs.

Rate on application


Spokesperson training

Your spokespeople are the voice of your company – in good times and bad. In one-on-one sessions I put spokespeople through their paces, simulating media interviews, panel discussions and impromptu speaking opportunities. On-camera training is also available.

One-on-one sessions: $100 an hour, rate can be negotiated for ongoing or group training
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