Writing, editing and proofreading

Whether it’s a press release, web page, brochure, white paper, social media update, product sheet or ad, your content tells readers who you are and what you stand for. But too often we focus on getting our message across rather than asking what our audience wants to know. Content that talks with, not preaches to, the reader shows they are what’s important, which helps make your message memorable.

The rates provided here are an indication only. Discounts are available for on-going or bulk work. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs and receive a quote.


I work with you from step one to create engaging content that gets your point across, keeps your readers interested and leads them to take your desired action.

Content is optimised for your chosen medium – print, digital or social.

Project rate: 35c a word
Casual rate: $100 an hour


Copyediting and SEO

Many people like to write their own content. But not everyone knows how to optimise it for the digital era.

This service builds on your copy, checking for clarity of message, enhancing readability (scanning and scrolling behaviour), improving language and grammar, and optimizing wording to improve search engine returns. It can involve rewriting and restructuring your material.

If you are happy with what you have to say but are not so confident in your English skills, a language check can help. Essentially “copyediting light” this service focuses on plain English – making those changes needed to remove ambiguity while checking spelling and grammar.

Project rate: 25c per word
Casual rate: $100 an hour


Proof reading

Even the best writers have trouble seeing their own mistakes. Proof reading is a safety net to capture those annoying typos and grammar slip ups that damage your credibility before they make it to your website, brochure, white paper, press release or product sheet.

Project rate: 5c a word
Casual rate: $100 an hour


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