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English evolution, from rooves to roofs

Originally posted January 2012 Disclaimer: I’m not an etymologist, word historian or linguist; just a curious wordsmith with a pedantic streak and I willingness to trawl the net for a couple of hours when things bug me. This blog post

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A few letters make all the difference: prefixes and suffixes

English is a funny language. You can take a simple word and add a few letters at the start or finish and completely change the meaning, or if you want, build an idea that defies dictionaries but not the mechanics

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You can’t negate a noun

Originally posted October 2011 I will maintain until I die, or someone proves me wrong, that the expression ”I have no bananas” is just grammatical nonsense. I’m not picking bananas in particular, but any phrase that includes ”have no” in

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Sorry, I’ve been wrong about collective nouns

Originally posted September 2011 Would seem that I owe sports journalists worldwide an apology: you aren’t singlehandedly destroying English after all. For more than 20 years I’ve been haranguing sports writers for making it acceptable to use plural verbs with

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Perpetuating grammar myths

Originally published April 2012 It seems that over and more than, and around and about, are pretty much interchangeable. That’s the problem with English, I keep discovering that the hard and fast rules I grew up with are more often

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Don’t give a slash too much space

It makes sense, well to me, that I return to this blog with a whinge – after all that’s what I’m known for. Why, oh why, do people persist in using a space before and after a forward slash. Is

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You is, you are – why not?

English is a growing language. Right? So let’s use that as an excuse to “fix” one of its most irritating failings – you are. Never fear, I’m not going to suggest that “yous” be legitimised; I can’t stretch the concept

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5 capitalisation abuses that make me see red

As an editor there is very little that annoys me more than apparently random capitalisation. This is a particular problem in corporate comms when people use capitals to indicate something is important, whether it’s a Program or a Product. Aarrrgghhhh.

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