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Shag, bonk, screw, bang and knob: some interesting facts

Before you get excited, this piece is not going to mention the F word (that’s for another post entirely). Instead, I’m dedicating the next 850 words or so to much nicer slang for the act of sexual intercourse. Shag Considering

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Wedding tackle and the like – some interesting facts

First published December 2011 After  my post pooh and shite, tits and funbags, it just makes sense to tackle, well the “tackle”. Family jewels Long story short, the Etymology Dictionary Online attributes the “family” bit to a play on words

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Hands up – are you offended by the word vagina?

Originally post July 2012 If recent affairs on both sides of the Atlantic are anything to judge by the entire planet is petrified of the word vagina. In the US, state representative Lisa Brown was banned from speaking in the

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Fart, fluff, toot and cheese: some interesting facts

Flatulence – we all do it. Between eight and 20 times a day according to the literature. So it’s not surprising we have so many slang expressions to describe the release of gas from the anus. Let’s kick off with

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