Zee vs zed: yes it does matter

It’s just one letter, and by all accounts not even an important letter considering it’s the least used in the written language, yet the American pronunciation of Z drives me insane.

There’s no logical reason for my dislike: I have no objection to pee, tee or vee, yet I always end the Alphabet Song with a solid zed.Zed or zee, which pronunciation is correct?

In a desperate attempt to justify myself, I can claim that zed is the original,
having descended from the Greek zeta, while zee, having been born in the 17th century from English, is a relative upstart.

But since I had to look the dates up for this blog, I can hardly use age as the basis for my claim that zed is the superior pronunciation.

Realistically, it shouldn’t matter, as long as we Zed or zee, which pronunciation is correct?Zed or zee, which pronunciation is correct?understand each other. But if there is one thing I have learned from working with words, logic doesn’t really enter the picture when it comes to US vs UK English.

Read my post from the weekend on verb agreement with collective nouns – one area where I do side with US English

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